4 NBA players I don’t want to play poker with

If you missed it, there was a great piece out of the Sun-Sentinel about NBA players and high-stakes poker.
“I’ve heard guys who have lost $30,000 on an hour plane trip,” Charlotte guard Derek Anderson, the former Heat reserve, says. “It’s amazing — $30,000 in an hour.

“You leave Chicago, you have $30,000. You arrive in Detroit, you don’t.”

It got me thinking, who are five players that I absolutely would not want to play high-stakes poker with.

Kevin Garnett

He’s renowned for his intensity, but that very intensity would freak me out at the table. Could you imagine crazy-eyes Garnett staring at you while you’re trying to bluff?


Of course, he’d prolly wear sunglasses.

But I have a sneaking suspicion that wouldn’t be enough to contain the intenseness.


Tim Duncan

It’s a bit on the nose, but the perpetually poker-faced player would be hell to see across the table. It would be awful because he’d give you the same reaction every time. It would be impossible to read Duncan.

“I raise you $5 thousand.”


“Full House. What you got?”


“Tony Parker raped your mom and now she has syphilis.”


Stephen Jackson

One of the things my grandpappy told me was never play cards with a man who has tats of praying hands holding a gun. Plus, we all know that he’s the type of guy who likes to fight.

Trying to find video of the brawl, but the video’s mysteriously no longer available. Hmm? Maybe David Stern doesn’t think it’s a good idea to see three of his players giving fans knuckle-sammiches.
Jax baby

Kwame Brown

The game would never get going because the cards would bounce off his hands out of bounds.

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